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Roxanne Ducharme is a French Canadian award winning multi-disciplinary artist, internationally recognized in the field of animated films (Daytime Emmy Award recipient).


Her singular creativity is expressed in the spheres of illustration, photography, mix media, jewelry, welding, sculpture, decorative art, furniture, and the creation of unique and unusual art pieces made of upcycled and natural materials.


Throughout her career, Roxanne had the opportunity to travel, live and work in many countries: Japan, France, England, Spain and China. Her favorite place to be now is in nature in the mountains of Panama, with her faithful companion Vivi, a beautiful dog she rescued. They can often be seen wandering the beach looking for treasures, and in their workshop creating unique art pieces.


Roxanne Ducharme applies a destruction-reconstruction method working mainly with "found objects" either in their raw state or upcycled. She prioritizes organic matters like wood, beach finds such as driftwood, drift seeds and fruits, rocks, shells, bones and metal, with an emphasis on materials that have had “a previous life”. The results are funky, cool, fun, unique, amazing pieces. 


Fascinated by mythology, primitive and tribal art, her background in animated film is subtly reflected in her sculpture, adding a sense of humour and an element of fantasy, creating art pieces that seem out of an imaginary world of magic and strange creatures. Each sculpture Roxanne makes has its own personality and tells its own story. Your story. The one you make up. Do you have enough imagination?


Each piece of jewelry Roxanne creates is one of a kind, with wild and untamed elements that make them stand out. When you wear Roxanne’s original jewelry, you will turn heads, be the center of attention and you will be showered with compliments. Can you handle it?


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